Mong Man Wai Library Facilities Booking


4/F – Research Commons Study Carrels
(EdUHK students and academic staff only)
3/F – Language Learning Room Workstations (EdUHK students only)
3/F – Media Production Lab Workstations (EdUHK students and staff only)  
3/F –  Mini Theatre (EdUHK staff only)  
1/F – e-Learning Studio  (EdUHK staff only)  
 1/F – Group Discussion Rooms (EdUHK students and academic staff only)  
1/F – Group Discussion Tables  (EdUHK students only)  
1/F – SEN Study Rooms/Faculty Reading Rooms 

(EdUHK academic & teaching staff and SEN students only)

G/F – 7 x 24 Learning Centre & PC Area Workstations
(EdUHK students only)
G/F – Creative Lab Stations

(EdUHK students only)