Creative Lab  (Pilot Future Classroom)

G/F, MMW Library

Located on G/F of the MMW Library, and opens 24 hours a day, the Creative Lab is a “Pilot Future Classroom” for library users to create and to share concepts and ideas in various media forms.  Academic staff can reserve this room for classes.  If there is no classes, it will be opened to all users.

Furniture for Students and Instructor

  • One movable lectern
  • 30 movable Node chairs with tablets for flexible seating arrangements

Computing Equipment

  • One high-end gaming notebook with 4K display for instructor + 30 high-end gaming notebook for students
  • All notebooks pre-installed with 101VR and 101AR
  • One iPad for instructor + 30 iPads for students

VR Equipment

  •  4 sets of HTC Vive Pro bundles with sensors already mounted to the ceiling

Network Support

  • Dedicated wired fast internet (CAT-6) support for all notebooks

Video Display Panels and Projector

  • Main display: one 98” 4K LCD panel + one 4K projector with 100” writeable projection wall
  •  Additional displays: three 65” 4K LCD panels mounted at the side and the back
  • Master audio-visual control panel: The instructor can select which input source(s) (e.g. instructor notebook, a student notebook, VR headsets, smartphones, tablets, live TV broadcast, etc.) would be displayed on which display(s), or in any combinations.
  • HD multiviewer for quad video displays: Instructor can combine different input sources (e.g. instructor notebook and a student notebook) on the same display

Video-conferencing and Recording Equipment

  • Video conferencing system pre-installed for communication with other (SIP/H.323) VC systems as well as remote teaching
  • HD video camera for web video chat
  • Ceiling mount live recording equipment at 4K resolution (camera and mic) which can record both ambient sound or individual sound sources


  • Wireless handheld mic, clip mic and tie mic
  •  Writeable projection wall
  • Noise dampening walls
  •  LED stage lighting + adjustable room lighting by rows
  • 1 x Ultimaker 2 3D printer for printing 3D objects up to 23cm x 22.5cm x 20.5cm
  • 1 x iLaser 460 laser cutter
  • 1 x Epson Stylus Pro 7908 for printing photos and graphics up to 24” wide

Enquiry and Assistance

 For other enquiries, please contact  2948 6662  for assistance.