RICH -Pure Data Exchange

RICH-Pure Data Exchange (Testing block for demo)

Aiming at reducing academic staff’s workload in entering research output information to the Research Information Core Hub (RICH) system (, Library has recently worked with the Research & Development Office (RDO) and Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and a new feature has been added to the RICH system. This enhanced feature will allow you to transfer your records from EdUHK Research Repository (powered by PURE) to the RICH system with just a few mouse clicks.

When you open a new input form in the RICH system, you will now see a button “Import from Library Repository”. Click this button and you will find a list of your research output (dated 2013 and after) recorded in the EdUHK Research Repository that are not yet in your RICH publication list. If you then click the “Import” button in front of the research output, the citation details such as article titles, name of journal, publication date, page numbers, etc. will be instantly transcribed to the RICH data input form. You can then fill in other details on output such as research output type, type of research activity as required by the University Grants Committee (UGC) for the annual Common Data Collection Format (CDCF) exercise to complete the entry.