Subject Guide to WWW Resources

Action Research

Please note that the URL addresses listed below may be changed and therefore inaccessible.


Action Learning, Action Research Association 
This site contains information about action research and action learning around the world. New books, journals and bibliographies on action research and related topics are provided.


Action Research Resources
It includes links, papers, mailing list, abstracts of relevant theses and dissertations on action research and related topics.


This is the website of Participatory Action Research Center. It includes a wide-ranging collection of resources in guiding how to do participatory action research. 


School-based Curriculum Development – Collaborative Action Research, Education Bureau HKSAR (中/ENG)
This set of resources about action research is provided by the Education Bureau of HKSAR. It includes fundamental concept of action research in school-based context, conducted action research studies related to primary school curriculum, and more information on such subject.




台灣健康促進學校 – 行動研究專區