Journal Contribution Guidelines

This webpage provides publication information and journal contribution guidelines for research purpose. It links to websites of journals from the Journal Citation Report (Social Science Edition). Links to additional journal titles could be provided on demand at Library Information Counter (G/F) or by sending email to .

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Emerald’s guidelines for getting published in research Journals (Author workshop, Guide for Chinese authors, Guide to proposing special issue)



Academic Psychiatry 1042-9670

Adult Education Quarterly 0741-7136

Advances in Health Sciences Education 1382-4996

Aids Education and Prevention 0899-9546

American Annals of the Deaf 0002-726X

American Educational Research Journal 0002-8312

American Journal of Education 0195-6744

Annuals of Dyslexia 0736-9387

Anthropology & Education Quarterly 0161-7761

Applied Measurement in Education 0895-7347

Asia Pacific Education Review 1598-1037

Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education 1359-866X

Asia Pacific Journal of Education 0218-8791

Australian Art Education 1032-1942

Australian Educational and Developmental Psychologist 0816-5122

Australian Educational Computing 0816-9020

Australian Educational Researcher 0311-6999

Australian Journal of Accounting Education (AJAE) 1449-3772

Australian Journal of Adult Learning 1035-0462

Australian Journal of Career Development 1038-4162

Australian Journal of Early Childhood 0312-5033

Australian Journal of Education 0004-9441

Australian Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology 1446-5442

Australian Journal of Environmental Education 0814-0626

Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling 1037-2911

Australian Journal of Indigenous Education 1326-0111

Australian Journal of Language and Literacy 1038-1562

Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities 1324-8928

Australian Journal of Outdoor Education 1324-1486

Australian Journal of Teacher Education, The 0313-5373

Australian Mathematics Teacher 0045-0685

Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom 1326-0286

Australian Research in Early Childhood Education 1320-6648

Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 0155-0640

Australian Universities’ Review 0818-8068


British Educational Research Journal 0141-1926

British Journal of Developmental Disabilities 0969-7950

British Journal of Educational Studies 0007-1005

British Journal of Educational Technology 0007-1013

British Journal of Sociology of Education 0142-5692


Chinese Education and Society 1061-1932

Comparative Education 0305-0068

Comparative Education Review 0010-4086

Computer & Education 0360-1315

Curriculum Inquiry 0362-6784


Dyslexia 1076-9242


Early Childhood Research Quarterly 0885-2006

Economics of Education Review 0272-7757

Education and Urban Society 0013-1245

Educational Administration Quarterly 0013-161X

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 0162-3737

Educational Gerontology 0360-1277

Educational Leadership 0013-1784

Educational Policy 0895-9048

Educational Research 0013-1881

Educational Review 0013-1911

Educational Studies 0305-5698

Educational Technology & Society 1436-4522

Elementary School Journal 0013-5984

English in Australia 0046-208X

Exceptional Children 0014-4029


Foreign Language Annals 0015-718X


Gender and Education 0954-0253

Gifted Child Quarterly 0016-9862


Harvard Educational Review 0017-8055

Health Education Research 0268-1153

High Ability Studies 1359-8139

Higher Education 0018-1560


Infants and Young Children 0896-3746

Innovations in Education and Teaching International 1470-3297

Instructional Science 0020-4277

International Journal of Art & Design Education 1476-8062

International Journal of Educational Development 0738-0593

International Journal of Science Education 0950-0693

Interactive Learning Environments 1049-4820

Intervention in School and Clinic 1053-4512


Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 1081-3004

Journal of American College Health 0744-8481

Journal of College Student Development 0897-5264

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 0266-4909

Journal of Curriculum Studies 0022-0272

Journal of Early Intervention 1053-8151

Journal of Economic Education 0022-0485

Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics 1076-9986

Journal of Education Policy 0268-0939

Journal of Educational Research 0022-0671

Journal of Engineering Education 1069-4730

Journal of Experimental Education 0022-0973

Journal of Fluency Disorders 0094-730X

Journal of Geography in Higher Education 0309-8265

Journal of Higher Education 0022-1546

Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 0964-2633

Journal of Intellectual & Development Disability 1366-8250

Journal of Learning Disabilities 0022-2194

Journal of Learning Sciences 1050-8406

Journal of Legal Education 0022-2208

Journal of Literacy Research 1086-296X

Journal of Moral Education 0305-7240

Journal of Philosophy of Education 0309-8249

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions 1098-3007

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 0021-8251

Journal of Research in Reading 0141-0423

Journal of Research in Science Teaching 0022-4308

Journal of School Health 0022-4391

Journal of Social Work Education 1043-7797

Journal of Special Education 0022-4669

Journal of Teacher Education 0022-4871

Journal of Teaching in Physical Education 0273-5024


Language Learning 0023-8333

Language Learning & Technology 1094-3501

Learning Disability Quarterly 0731-9487

Learning and instruction 0959-4752


Minerva 0026-4695


New Zealand Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice 1176-0117

New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies 0028-8276

New Zealand Journal of Teachers’ Work 1176-6662


Oxford Review of Education 0305-4985


Perspectives in Education 0258-2236

Phi Delta Kappan 0031-7217

Prospect: An Australian journal of TESOL 0814-7094


Quest 0033-6297


Reading Research Quarterly 0034-0553

Reading Teacher 0034-0561

Remedial and Special Education 0741-9325

Research in Developmental Disabilities 0891-4222

Research in Higher Education 0361-0365

Research and Practice For Persons With Severe Disabilities 0274-9483

Research in Science Education 0157-244X

Research in the Teaching of English 0034-527X

Review of Educational Research 0034-6543

Review of Higher Education 0162-5748

Russian Education and Society 1060-9393


School Effectiveness and School Improvement 0924-3453

Science Education 0036-8326

Scientific Studies of Reading 1088-8438

Second Language Research 0267-6583

Sociology of Education 0038-0407

Sport Education and Society 1357-3322

Studies in Higher Education 0307-5079


Teachers College Record 0161-4681

Teaching in Higher Education 1356-2517

Teaching of Psychology 0098-6283

Teaching Science (The Journal of the Australian Science Teachers Association) 1449-6313

Teaching and Teacher Education 0742-051X

Tesol Quarterly 0039-8322

Theory into Practice 0040-5841

Topics in Early Childhood Special Education 0271-1214


Urban Education 0042-0859


Volta Review 0042-8639


Young Children 0044-0728

Youth Studies Australia 1038-2569