ORCiD iD Registration for EdUHK Staff

The ORCiD registration service provided by the Library will help EdUHK academic colleagues to register / manage their ORCiDs. By pressing the Register Now button below, EdUHK academic colleagues can upload their research outputs from the Library’s EdUHK Research Repository directly to ORCiD and create a new ORCiD iD during the process if they do not already have an ORCiD iD.

What is ORCiD?

ORCiD stands for Open Research and Contributor iD and it is a free global registry of researchers. ORCiD iD is designed as a persistent digital identifier to distinguish researchers from one another. Through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, it also supports automated linkages ensuring that researchers』 professional activities could be accurately reflected and recognized.

Many major academic publishers have already participated in ORCiD, including Nature, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Elsevier (provider of Scopus ID), Thomson Reuter (provider of Researcher ID), Wiley-Blackwell, Sage, OUP, American Psychological Association, IEEE, PLOS, etc.

As at January 2016, over 1.85 million researchers worldwide have registered for their ORCiD IDs and enjoy the following benefits of ORCiD:

ORCiD handles name ambiguity by collocating the researcher’s different name formats (English names, Chinese names, initials, full names, etc.), and thus increase the researcher’s visibility within the research community

ORCiD allows auto-updating and sharing of the researcher’s information and research outputs among different systems and platforms

ORCiD will work as the researcher’s lifelong portfolio and will stay throughout the researcher’s career

ORCiD allows the researcher to meet new requirements of publishers and funding agencies, as more and more of them will be asking for ORCiD iD when the research submits the works for publication or grant applications

Enquiry and Assistance

Should you need further information on ORCiD and the registration process, please feel free to contact our Information Counter at 2948 6653 or e-mail libinfo@eduhk.hk.

Further Information about ORCiD


What is ORCid?

A 5-minute video introduction to ORCiD